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Film Festival Winners: Ages 13-17

Best Fiction (Ages 13-17)

1st Place

Are You Still There - Francisco Carlero & Juan Manuel Ro

Something on the stairs terrifies a lonely girl.

2nd Place

It Came from the Crossroads! - Rowan Levi

When Frank, a meek, depressed Bible salesman dies at 23, he's positive that he's headed straight to hell. In a fit of desperation and lapsed judgement, he agrees to sell his soul to the devil for a second chance at life. Through this new, somewhat questionable influence, he slowly learns to shake his overbearing family and live on his own terms.

3rd Place - TIE

From What You Left Behind - Jodhi Ramsden Mavric

A music video that follows the journey of a young girl searching for her lost friend and reflecting on the memories they once shared.

3rd Place - TIE

Roger Flies - Kristina Kalatschan


Best Non-Fiction (Ages 13-17)

1st Place

Human Endogenous Retrovirus - Amogh Thakkar

mogh Thakkar explains the complex world of Human Endogenous Retroviruses or HERV's. He shows how virus DNA permanently became part of all human DNA and illustrates its impacts.

2nd Place

Always There - Samuel Johanson

Even in the hardest of times, He is always there for you.

3rd Place

Pushed Out - Dennis Martin, Thomas Williamson

Oakland in the 80s and 90s was not a great place as crime and violence ravaged the city. But as the years pass the city becomes more and more modernized and safe due to gentrification. At a glance, it looks like these new changes are all great but once you look closer you see the damage gentrification has had on Oakland natives.

Best Short - Under 2 Minutes (Ages 13-17)

1st Place

Side by Side - Quinn Friedman

A young boy feels astray as he is bullied at school. As he tries to solve his problems, he realizes that siblings will always be there when you need them.

2nd Place

The World of 2020 - Andrew Wang

The world of 2020 feels like its been destroyed. Why do we deserve this? Why is 2020 like this? Life is so unfair. Why are we as humans just so unlucky?

Or does this devastation just represent the world of mankind? Pretty much everything that has gone down in 2020 is just the outcome of what humanity has done in the past...right? Doesn't it feel weird that we direct all our anger and frustration to

3rd Place

Normality - Maddy Rounds & Aislyn Ball

A short film where a girl is letting her insanity take over her body.

Best Class Project (Ages 13-17)

1st Place

DECALCOMANIA - Hannah Ragudos

A filmmaker dies twice- once when they stop filming and this first death is the most painful. When you lose the most meaningful thing of life’ you are no longer alive, only existence.
Decalcomania is an experimental film that really going to take us in an emotional journey. The director has never held back on expressing herself, her challenges and hardships in life. This film highlights to issues p

2nd Place

One More Please - Aleksei Borovikov

A lonely young man begins a playful drinking game with a handsome stranger.

3rd Place

Running from Death - Hunter Tabor & Aden Pierce

Two Jewish twins, living in Poland during the Holocaust, are on the run to escape capture.