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Film Festival Winners: Ages 18+

Best Fiction (Ages 18+)

1st Place

Ode to Cutlery - Samantha Stewart

Forks and Spoons who work in an office have a rivalry, and they must always stay separate, especially with food. But, when a spork comes into the office, one soup-loving fork must decide where they stand.

2nd Place

The Shortest Night - Javier Guillot

On the Midsummer's Night, the most magical of the year, everything is possible, and Mario is going to check it in the best possible way.

3rd Place

Glances - Aleksei Borovikov

Emotionally driven story of two strangers who lock eyes in a cafe and have to deal with unexpected feelings.

Best Non-Fiction (Ages 18+)

1st Place

A Natural Code - Cristina Ceuca

This is a short wildlife documentary about the fascinating Turing patterns in nature and how they may help endangered species around the world.
The first half of the film introduces three characters - a science writer, Philip Ball and two mathematicians, Natasha Ellison and Philip Maini. They will take us on a quest to explain who Alan Turing was and what is his connection with patterns in nature.

2nd Place

Pandemic - Paula Hornickel

Covid-19. A neologism, many associations. Suddenly, the life of many humans has changed worldwide. Caused by a pandemic. New rules and restrictions determine our everyday-life. Adaption is required.

In my documentary "Pandemic" 27 people aged between 4 - 80 answer 5 questions about their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. The voice memos, which were set up independently of one another, form an int

3rd Place

Good Curling - Kain Winiecke

This is a mini documentary about a local Curling Club that upholds the ideals of politeness and friendship. See them explain the importance of good sportsmanship in an activating that is welcoming to anyone and everyone.

Best Short Film - Under 2 Minutes (Ages 18+)

1st Place

Good Boy - Valiantsina Tsedzik & Anastasia Rodionova

A dog is the last alive creature on our planet destroyed by pollution. In the pile of trash it finds a bone and brings it to the house of its owner. We can see that the dog puts together the skeleton of its late owner.

2nd Place

Too Late - Mayur Uttam Gawade

Since the day the world started developing rapidly with technology, man started exploiting the planet more and more each day, for everything that can be used for living a lifestyle that man has so been proud of.

So far man is blind to see that he is digging his own grave and its too late for him now!!

3rd Place

Pink Lemonade - Maddie Ross

A reflection on the director's experience with being diagnosed Bipolar.