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Best Tennessee Local Films (Ages 13+)

1st Place

Sugar Baby - Kaleb Knight

Scott, a nerdy loner, wants to break out of his strict and mundane life. He meets Freddy – a kid entrepreneur who sells Sugar Baby Chew, popular but outlawed chewing gum in their private school. Scott joins Freddy in his gum selling enterprise. However, Vice Principal Karen McKee gets Principal Pete to crash the market by legalizing gum. With the help of the head editor from the school newspaper,

2nd Place

The Magic Fortress - Ella Hicks

A young girl tries to help her father cope with a devastating loss. She builds her own world and works so he'll remember her mother. Still, the father tries to forget.

3rd Place

Madame Upstairs - Evan Amelia Korycki

A caregiver provides for an ominous woman who may or may not be present.